Jean- Paul Maitinsky, The Springfield Renaisssance School--- Teen STRONG™ Self-Defense Program

The self defense class at Spirit of the Heart was an engaging, high energy program. The class blended mind and body, building self esteem and valuable skills to diffuse an aggressor. Our students were buzzing about it for days.



Joe Mascis - Adult Silat Program


Spirit of the Heart is a top-notch Martial Arts school that lets its students blaze their own path while still serving as strong and excellent guidance. It strikes the perfect balance of valuing its students' individuality and creativity while still teaching them a martial arts style. It is an open, kind, and wonderful community that will make you feel welcome and likely have a huge impact on your life and happiness.

Amy Deprey Dekarski - Kids Kung-Fu Program


My heart melts every time I watch these children being taught from an inspiring teacher how to love and respect themselves and others while gaining confidence through teamwork, self affirmations, self defense, learning specific kung fu moves, etc. This is what I have been searching for to help bring out the best in my boys. Thank you!

Laurel Boyd--Mother/Daughter STRONG™ Self-Defense Program

Nancy Rothenberg's STRONG™ program is the essence of empowerment. From a physical standpoint, we are taught self-defense maneuvers that can help to free us from unfavorable and potentially scary situations. Beyond that, she teaches women on a deeper, psychological level. She shows women and girls the crucial lesson of valuing themselves first. Making ourselves a priority opens the door to our being better able to listen to our instincts, our intuitive voice. These are essential for knowing when and how to remove ourselves from a potentially dangerous circumstance. When you truly know how valuable your life is, then you do not need anyone else's permission to cherish and protect it. Nancy's message is about loving yourself beyond cultural programming and limitations. I think this programming should be required for women and children everywhere.

Gary Wilson - Adult Silat Program


I feel like I found the judgement free zone, It's hard for a 47 yo to hang with teens and twenty something's but Morgan's energy is contagious. It's fun to get taught by him, no two classes are ever the same.

MB Brown - Kids Kung-Fu Program


Can't say enough great stuff about it. Not only is it judgment free but it is empowering for all children (and adults). I am forever thankful for the care shown to my child. Keep up the good work !!

Sharon Rudnitsky--Woman STRONG™ Self-Defense

It was so great attending your Women STRONG workshop.  Thank you SO much for holding it.  I found it to be enlightening and empowering.  You have a wonderful way with words; talking real with a sweet sense of humor.  I left there feeling strong and powerful. . ..and confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I am glad to hear you are offering more of these workshops for woman, for men and for kids. . ..for everyone!


Jen Williams--Adult Silat Program

Silat has been a part of how I take care of myself for six years now. The combination of physical learning and conditioning, and the mindset of self defense and confidence is empowering. My Silat time is an opportunity to let go of life’s stresses and constraints, and there is so much to explore in this art form that each class is different from the last. I have gained better core strength and endurance as I get older, rather than less, and every week I get to spend time with a great community of people. I feel rejuvenated after every class and ready to take on the world, once again. 

Robin Hoffman--Adult Silat Program

I am in my 50’s. I have had to go about increasing my level of fitness so that I could handle the demands of training slowly and patiently. I had to communicate, but was never made to feel badly about it.. Somewhere around eight months in I had a revelation during the warmup/conditioning part of class. It was no longer beyond me! I had definitely grown stronger and could now do so many things that I hadn’t been able to do at first. The process is the prize.