Indonesian Silat Classes

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Silat is well known for being a very “raw” martial art. Its dynamic movements are designed to get right to the point. Rather than training for sport, the movements of Silat are designed to efficiently deal with dangerous situations.

It is also well known for being a full range martial art that has the goal of the practitioner being able to fight back from all positions. One could expect to learn strikes and techniques while standing and on the ground, as well as pins, throws, knife techniques, and much more!

In this art learning to be spontaneous, creative, and intuitive are key. Using the movements of the four animals we learn a variety of different movements and tactics as we progress through the martial art.

Each animal helps to teach us another aspect of how to defend ourselves, while also allowing us to grow into the person we want to become.

Students are encouraged to both challenge and take good care of themselves. Classes are offered for men and women at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

To receive the most benefits from this class we recommend you train a minimum of two classes per week.


One month of one weekly class: $65
One month of two weekly classes: $95
One Month of three weekly classes: $125


Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm  Beginning Adults
Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm Intermediate Adults
Saturdays 11:30-1:00 pm   (All Levels)

Call for a free trial class (413) 585-1661

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I've trained at Spirit of the Heart since 2012 and it's been an excellent investment. I was tired of the my same old workout routine and wanted to try something new as a recent transplant to the Valley. Martial Arts has always been something I've wanted to try and I'm glad I did. Training at Spirit of the Heart includes both group and individual work. The class routines are always mixed up and refreshing as well as challenging. From stretching to muscle building the training covers it all. The environment is safe, accepting and fun. I've made great progress since my beginning and have seen the same in my training partners. No matter what your age or level of ability I'd recommend giving Spirit of the Heart a try!
---Jim D. Northampton, MA

After years of deliberating and searching I finally joined Spirit of the Heart. And I am SO glad I did. Great people, good classes and a wonderful and flexible art. First class is free, so come check it out.
---Greg H. Easthampton, MA

Spirit of the Heart is a top-notch Martial Arts school that lets its students blaze their own path while still serving as strong and excellent guidance. It strikes the perfect balance of valuing its students' individuality and creativity while still teaching them a martial arts style. It is an open, kind, and wonderful community that will make you feel welcome and likely have a huge impact on your life and happiness.
---Joe Mascis

I feel like I found the judgement free zone, It's hard for a 47 yo to hang with teens and twenty something's but Morgan's energy is contagious. It's fun to get taught by him, no two classes are ever the same
---Gary Wilson



Physical Fitness: Cardiovascular Conditioning – Muscle Toning and Building – Coordination, Balance and Flexibility
Verbal Self-Defense: Setting Limits – Confident Tone of Voice – Conflict Resolution
Physical Self-Defense: Maneuvers Against Common Grabs – Foot and Hand Techniques – Falls and Blocks
Inner Awareness: Breath and Meditation – Body Language – Energy Projection
Energy and Spirit Development: Qigong – Indonesian Animal Energies – Shamanic Explorations