Style & Philosophy

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Our Style
Indonesian Silat 

We learn many wondrous techniques from the four animals of Silat and when we tap into their energies, we can do things we had never thought possible. 

tiger_thumbTiger energy is fierce and forward-moving. The tiger teaches us about intention and the absolute drive and commitment to going after what you want.  From the tiger we learn fighting from the ground, with take-downs and pins of arms and legs. We learn to move comfortably along the ground, circling and moving in and out, just like we move when we are fighting on our feet.


monkey_thumbMonkey energy is playful and mischievous. You’re never quite sure where the monkey will turn up next. From the monkey we learn to use our guile and smile to trick our opponent. We use the agility of the monkey to roll or cartwheel into or out of fighting range and we gain comfort in movement in its medium-height stances. Evasion and grabbing techniques are common for the monkey fighter.


crane_thumbCrane energy is light and calm, bringing a peaceful sense of being to the crane practitioner. The crane gives us it’s ability to take flight in a flutter of kicks and long-range hand strikes. The crane uses its feet to parry and its quick high steps to stay at a safe distance. We hold balanced crane postures to build our mental as well as physical strength.


snake_thumbSnake energy is relaxed and quick, giving us the power of the snappy blows inherent to this style. From the snake we also get deceptive circular fighting footwork. Snakes strike fast from any position and are quick to retreat. From the snake we learn to glide through life effortlessly.