The STRONG® Program

  • THe STRONG Program

The STRONG® Program provides an integrative approach to personal safety.

The STRONG® Program teaches internal strength building, assertiveness training and physical self-protection strategies.

This program is perfect for kids, teens and women and men of all ages.

The training gives participants the confidence to stand strong in voice, spirit and body.
It offers you simple and effective strategies to speak up for yourself and others; to trust your intuition and turn a "freeze" response into action.

Unlike martial arts classes, where you would train for years to feel like an expert,
STRONG™ Self-Defense quickly gets you in touch with your primal instinct to defend and protect.

And when you combine that instinctive force with basic self-defense strategies,
you will start to trust that you have what it takes to keep yourself safe.

Inner Strength Training -

“Being ‘Full of Yourself’ is your #1 Self-Protection Strategy”

  • Meditation

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Self-Care

Assertiveness Training -
“We Teach Others How to Treat Us”

  • Setting Limits
  • Direct and Clear Communication
  • Role Play Everyday Situations

Physical Self-Defense Strategies

“If You Have to Fight, Fight with All Your Might”
  • Running Away is your Best Defense
  • Blocks
  • Targets and Body Weapons

We offer:

  • Workshops at our location or yours
  • Small Group Classes (4-10 students)
  • Large Group Classes (10+ students)
  • Workshops for Schools and Organizations and Businesses


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1 ½ - 2 hour Workshops in Northampton are offered on a Sliding Scale Fee ($0 - $50)
Prices for other Workshops Will Vary.
Call 413-585-1661 to Discuss.

Upcoming Workshops

Virtual Workshops Available
For your Group or Organization.

Contact Us to Discuss Options.


"You have a wonderful way with words; talking real with a sweet sense of humor.
I left there feeling strong and powerful and confident and comfortable in my own skin.
I am glad to hear you are offering more of these workshops for woman, for men and for kids. . ..for everyone!"
---Sharon Rudnitsky--Woman STRONG™ Self-Defense

"I watched my daughter raise her voice without fear. Priceless."
--Diana, writer

"The self defense class at Spirit of the Heart was an engaging, high energy program.
The class blended mind and body, building self esteem and valuable skills to diffuse an aggressor.
Our students were buzzing about it for days.”

---Jean-Paul Maitinsky, Magnet Resource Specialist, The Springfield Renaissance School

Nancy is an inspiring badass to us all.
---Grace, Smith College Student