Kids Kung-Fu

  • Flying side kick to the pad

Its August 2021. We are Excited to Announce New Class Options this Fall. New Kids Can Train Mon-Thurs and Sat!. Classes Mostly Outside Still or Indoors with Masks.

Kids Kung-Fu Program

We have happy students of all ages, but kids are our specialty!
We breathe love and confidence into them, until they believe in themselves!

Your child can expect to enter a fun and active class meant to introduce kids to the martial arts in a way that is safe and engaging.

We offer a rare and exciting martial arts style: Indonesian Silat and we combine teaching this martial art with teaching skills to help kids become confident and strong; able to build inner strength, stand up for themselves and keep themselves safe.

Bowing is practiced in order to show respect for our training space and for each other.

The general class format is as follows: Bowing in, Meditation or Breathing Exercises, Cardiovascular warm-up with Animal Movement, Stretching, Skill Building, Verbal and Physical Self-Defense, Strikes to the Pad, Learning Forms, Closing Circle.

We require students to wear uniforms. Showing up with uniforms and belts, reinforces the life skill of being prepared and dressing appropriately for any occasion.

We recommend that your child attend two classes per week.  The benefits of training twice per week are evidenced by an increase in confidence, better retention and a greater sense of belonging to an awesome community.

Training twice per week also allows your child to envision attaining the level of black belt in approximately 6 years.

Ages: 4-12

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One month of one weekly class: $65
One month of two weekly classes: $85


Outdoors Convenient to Northampton, Easthampton and Florence.
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Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-4:15
Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30- 5:15
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-5:15
Saturdays 9:00-9:45 and 10:00-10:45

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My heart melts every time I watch these children being taught from an inspiring teacher how to love and respect themselves and others while gaining confidence through teamwork, self affirmations, self defense, learning specific kung fu moves, etc. This is what I have been searching for to help bring out the best in my boys. Thank you!  

---Amy Dekarski


It is beyond wonderful to watch kid transformations in this community.
---Susan Fortgang


Took my son away from his video games and gave him strength and confidence.  Awesome place with awesome teachers.


My daughter (now almost 11) has been studying at Spirit of the Heart for about 5 & 1/2 years. It has been a wonderful experience for her. She has gained incredible strength, confidence, and stamina, both physically and mentally. She has made lasting friendships in the supportive community that this school is. She is determined to continue until she gets her black belt, and beyond. Best of all (from my point of view), there will never be a place in the world that as a woman she will be afraid to walk!
---Elena Allee


Testimonials from Other Parents:

"Positive and Powerful"

"A safe space for kids to explore their own abilities and grow into new ones"

"Very open and unbiased atmosphere where learning is made to be fun"

"A welcoming place where they can not only discover the hidden talents that lay within themselves, but a community and a family that will be with them forever."

"It's a supportive environment, where differences are OK and the instructors play to each child's strengths"

"Kids learning the joy of great physical activity and confidence"




Spirit of the Heart believes that:

  • Children deserve to feel safe.
  • Children learn respect by being respected.
  • Children can learn to resolve situations non-violently.
  • By learning how to defend themselves physically, children gain the confidence to choose spontaneous and creative responses to conflicts.
  • Children are capable of defending themselves by using their minds voices and bodies.
  • Children are creative, fun, and capable and these qualities deserve to be nurtured and supported

Physical Fitness: Balance – Flexibility – Coordination – Body Strengthening – Muscle Toning and Building – Cardiovascular Conditioning
Physical Self-Defense: Blocks – “Ready” Stance – Primary Targets –  Hand and Foot Strikes – Holding One’s Ground – Creative Responses to Common Grabs
Verbal Self-Defense: Tone of Voice – Setting Limits – Saying No – Stating Needs – De-escalation – Assertiveness – Naming Unwanted Behaviors
Conflict Resolution: “I” Messages – Listening Skills – Getting Outside Help – Talking about Feelings – Brainstorming
Non-Verbal Self-Defense: Intuition – Eye Contact – Visualization – Body Language – Circle of Safety – Positive Self-Talk
Breath Awareness Education: Respect – Boundaries – Cooperation – Responsibility – Threats, Secrets, and Bribes