Is my child required to wear a uniform?

Yes. A child is required to wear a uniform. This not only helps a child to feel like she/he belongs, but also reinforces the life skill of being prepared and dressing appropriately for any given situation.

Will martial arts teach my child to become more aggressive?

On the contrary, martial arts training gives children the opportunity to learn about their power and their control. We emphasize kindness and respect which lays the groundwork for using one’s power to create more peace in the world.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

This depends on the individual. For an adult, the average is 6-8 years. Kids may take longer. Our martial arts offers a wide range of personal growth opportunity in terms of mind, body and spirit and character development. And these things take time.

Does testing cost money? Why are there testing fees?

It is an honor to be promoted to the different belt levels. Testing fees support the progress of each student and the school. Costs range from $15 for beginning level belts and increase in price as the tests increase in length.