Tigers! & Monkeys! and Me!

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Tigers! & Monkeys! and Me!

A Fun Pre-Kung-Fu Movement Class for Pre-Schoolers and Their Awesome Adults.

Sign Up Here for Class Starting January 5 - January 26 , 2019.

Have fun developing body awareness and coordination
through creative movements in a safe and social environment.

Parents and/or any adult join in to make the fun even "funner!" for the little ones.

These little kids lead the way as we slither like snakes, jump like frogs,
leap like tigers and play like monkeys.

We balance and run and skip and hop and crawl and make music and clap our hands.
We laugh when the class takes on a life of it's own.
We jump over things and glide under things.
We play on the mats and even use the mats as a slide.
We play with soft balls and hula hoops.
The possibilities are endless!
We marvel at the development of the small ones and revel in each of their unique personalities.

The children start to learn to follow directions
The begin to learn to wait their turns.
They learn to be kind to one another.
They learn that movement feels good and is fun!

We introduce the concepts of meditation and
boundary setting and respecting.

Children are even given the chance to feel their power
as they push against martial arts pads and push us over!

Its a real good time!

Ages 3-5
Next 4-Week Session
Starts Sunday January 5, 2020

Call us at 413-585-1661 for Current Schedule