Yes. A child is required to wear a uniform. This not only helps a child to feel like she/he belongs, but also reinforces the life skill of being prepared and dressing appropriately for any given situation.

We have a rolling admission, which means students start anytime and are integrated into the current make-up of the class.

We use credit cards or bank account numbers to deduct automatically monthly. There is no risk to you at all. Cancel ANYTIME.

No!!! Everybody starts where they’re at, right? Each class is designed to help you meet your fitness goals. We encourage you to take your time and take care of yourself as you begin to get back into shape.

On the contrary, martial arts training gives children the opportunity to learn about their power and their control. We emphasize kindness and respect which lays the groundwork for using one’s power to create more peace in the world.

Any age is a good age. Children can start as young as 3. As long as they are enjoying movement and learning, it’s a good time.

This depends on the individual. For an adult, the average is 6-8 years. Kids may take longer. Our martial arts offers a wide range of personal growth opportunity in terms of mind, body and spirit and character development. And these things take time.

It is an honor to be promoted to the different belt levels. Testing fees support the progress of each student and the school. Costs range from $15 for beginning level belts and increase in price as the tests increase in length.

That depends on when students are ready to progress. It is decided on a person-to-person basis.

We recommend training a minimum of twice per week.

You will be welcomed at the door! You will see lively kids playing with balls and each other before class starts. You will see kids of all ages working together. You will see kids moving their bodies to music and drumming, striking martial arts training pads, leaping like tigers, rolling like monkeys, flying like cranes and slithering like snakes. You will see the life skills of boundary setting, standing up for yourself, and physical self-protection skills being taught with just the right blend of focus and fun! Your child will be encouraged to participate, but is welcome to watch or participate alongside you!

No. We do not have contracts. Students pay monthly.

Absolutely! Just let us know when you want to stop by.

Students start any time! Just come for a free trial class and if you want to sign up you can sign up right away!

No!!! Age is just a number, right? You may start training safely at any age. Our classes are designed to give the individual the attention he/she needs in order to get stronger and more flexible, no matter his/her age.

We offer adult Silat,a rare form of Indonesian Martial Art. Silat is well known for being a very “raw” martial art. It is very dynamic, high-energy and it gets right to the point. It is also well known for being a full range martial art that has the goal of the practitioner being able to fight back from all positions.

We call it Indonesian Kung-Fu for the Kids! We inspire confidence and kindness in every child. In a fun-loving class environment, children learn to value and respect themselves and others through the practice of inner strength building, assertiveness training, martial arts and self-defense.

We do offer personal private trainings for individuals. Just contact us!

We usually have 5-15 people in one class.

Call us at 413-585-1661 to sign up or fill out the Sign-up form through our website and someone will contact you to get you started.

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